Working with Tim in the studio is an architectural staff of three: Ryan Bunn, Luke Massingham, and David de Roquefeuil.

Tim Bennetton Director

Originally I qualified with honours in Civil/Structural Engineering at the University of Melbourne. My passion for design eventually led me to Queensland to qualify with a first class honours degree in Architecture, which was further developoed when I moved to Noosa on the Sunshine Coast to work for one Australia's great residential architects, Gabriel Poole, with whom I continue to collaborate.

I have over 20 years' experience in projects varying in construction cost from $100K to $4M – including new houses, renovations, additions to inner city "Queenslanders" on tight blocks and coastal resort facilities. My interest is in modern, contemporary design but, particularly where the context demands, I believe that new work should respond to the environments in which they are sited. This means a respect and reinterpretation of the building traditions that preceded us. The size, scale and budget for any project will vary, however I strongly believe that adherence to, and communication of, strong design values will enhance every project – without this focus the end result may be practical but not meaningful.

I take great pride in realising the dreams of my clients and fitting them to the unique combination of site, aspirations and budget. Over the years I have built up long lasting relationships with builders, designers and tradespeople. The aim is to give my clients the confidence to place their projects in my hands – to translate their requirements into beautiful, sustainable and practical buildings. Feel free to contact me direct at

Tim Bennetton Architects
Luke Massingham
Graduate Architect
Tim Bennetton Architects - Ryan Bunn
Ryan Bunn
Student Architect
Tim Bennetton Architects
David de Roquefeuil
Student Architect
Tim Bennetton Architects

Our Collaborators

Tim Bennetton Architects continue to collaborate closely with Gabriel and Elizabeth Poole on many projects.

Over many years in practice Tim has formed numerous collaborative relationships with builders, cabinet makers and various fabricators. These established connections add value to projects and help make for a smoother construction process.