Projects: St. Lucia House

The house is for a large family, situated in the leafy Brisbane suburb of St Lucia.

The house is arranged around a northeast facing courtyard with a swimming pool which is situated, together with an existing established Poinciana tree, to provide an enjoyable entry experience and focus for the two upper levels of the house.

The site levels have been significantly modified to allow the main house areas to relate to the front garden with the pool. They are open to the winter light and northeast summer breezes and the main living area is a single width pavilion.

The site levels also had to be modified to relate to the back garden (which, when finally landscaped, will have a different character to the more formally arranged front courtyard). This resulted in the excavation of a significant ‘overland flow channel’ to allow the proposed floor level downstairs. The channel has become a grassed terrace with a stone seat and fire pit to the southwest corner.


Internal: 307.5m2

External: 89.4m2

Construction: Noden Constructions