Projects: 1770 House

A rural site in southern Queensland – rocks and open woodland, tough yet fragile – quintessential Australian bush. There was an existing house that the current owners and previous inhabitants had virtually camped in for a number of years. Constructed on a site and at a time where building permits were considered ‘optional’ it contained an interesting reinforced concrete skeleton with attractive infill walls of rock from the site itself.

The new house incorporates this part of the existing structure and adds a series of largely open areas and pavilions. Rock filled ‘gabion baskets’ are to be used for a number of walls and there will be the ability to close and secure parts of the house for long periods – necessary as the owners are often absent from the site for months at a time.

Floor Areas: existing 45.3m2; new internal 56.9m2; covered terrace 53.9m2.

Status: construction to commence 2011 - 2012.

(Tim Bennetton Architects in Association with Gabriel & Elizabeth Poole Design Company)