Projects: Bunn Mansion

The client’s brief for the addition was to create two unique spaces - an expansion and activation of an existing and rarely used pool terrace, and a workshop in which the client could comfortably build his cedar strip canoes without the need of active ventilation or lighting.


The response provides an example of a building that responds positively to the natural fall and orientation of the site, effectively maximizing cross-ventilation and natural light. The unusual geometry of the site boundaries allowed us to play with the form and detailing of the project to create interesting spaces to work and live within.


The building engages the street at a human scale, while also ascending the block to engage and bring new life into the otherwise poorly used pool terrace. The deck, raised at seat level to the existing pool terrace, provides a strong connection to both the new and existing landscape. By utilising screens and framing views the occupants are given a sense of enclosure and privacy in an open external space.