Projects: Yeronga House

The existing house was a low key queenslander in one of the leafy ‘O’ streets of Yeronga. There were issues with overland flow (the back garden is effectively a creek during storms). There was some very odd planning which disrupted the flow of the house & had resulted in a very poor use of some spaces (a small room with an 80’s type 45 degree wall on the western side).

The major design move was in the creation of a new studio (the “pod”) to the rear of the house, separated by a walkway & series of decks leading down to the back garden (the level of which was raised slightly to avoid all balustrades). The idea behind the pod was to conceptually to drape a ‘cloth’ over two framed & glazed gable ends. This allowed us to increase the drama of a low entry door from the walkway before the room opens up to the south where there is a large Poinciana in the neighbouring property.

In the existing house we basically created a new ‘breezeway’ through to the side garden on the west (the ‘back wall’ of the breezeway is a movable awning of aluminium battens – it can hang vertically as a privacy screen & let in the winter sun or horizontally to provide shade). A number of powdercoated aluminium louvre boxes were placed to existing casement windows on the west – this allows the house to breathe through the daytime & provides shade to the west.


Status: completed 2017

Internal: 47m2

External: 8m2


Structural Engineer: AD Structure

Construction Team: Greg Thornton Constructions + Charles Warren Constructions

Steel Fabricator: Studio Steel

Cabinetmaker: Des Shield

Stormwater Landscape Design: Steve Clark

Lanscaping: Stewart Anderson

Photography: Shantanu Starick



One of our clients had a great interest in fabrics (sewing, making) which helped generate the idea of a light ‘fabric’ form draped over a structure that was largely open both ends.